Environmental Monitoring
  • Aquaculture Compliance Monitoring. Government certified for data collection, analysis and reporting as per federal government regulations and protocols
  • Habitat Information Requirements (HIR)
  • Baseline Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental benthic monitoring to federal standard
  • Environmental performance monitoring
  • Underwater video by ROV or scuba divers can be utilized to provide photos and videos of the seabed or underwater structures. ROV pilots and tenders are in house. Data analysis and reporting
  • Oceanographic sensors. Deployment, design and implementation
  • Water column sampling Device deployment and data analysis
  • Sub-bottom profiling. Sedimentary seabed structure and sonar scans


Bathymetry surveys are accomplished through the use of good survey/mapping practice and a custom data collection system. A detailed site survey can be very time consuming so we have integrated a system of sonar technology and processes that automate much of the data collection. To survey a site quickly and accurately we are making extensive use of DGPS technology to carry out all the positional tasks of the survey.

Associate Tony Piepjohn of Coast Spatial GIS & Mapping Specialists has been using GPS technology in resource surveying since 1994 for many different purposes and clients. All GPS related work is carried out to the BC Resource Inventory Committee (RIC) standards for GPS surveys. RIC standards are what all provincial agencies use to ensure any GPS related work is carried out with suitable methods and equipment. Mr. Piepjohn has the RIC certification Level 4 (good for all aspects of GPS from field work, processing, mapping, and survey design) and can ensure GPS activities are being carried out properly.


With accurate site details it is possible to begin designing an efficient and robust anchoring system or installation. Through the use of GIS and CAD we develop the complete model for the system so that every part of a system is located, engineered, and specified appropriately. The computer model is important in that you can quickly build a system to generate accurate material and cost schedules, working drawings, fully 3D models to view, evaluate, and change parts of the system.

This GIS/CAD component also ensures that license holders put their best foot forward with regulatory agencies in that installations are designed and built using proper and defensible techniques. Very important is that these GIS/CAD models will serve as the database for future compliance monitoring of the system and site in an environmental context. Mooring Systems designed to date for depths to 655metres.

Structural and Condition Surveys

Underwater surveys, including ultrasound thickness scanning and video by ROV or divers, can be undertaken for structural integrity and condition analysis of floating and fixed structures.

Project Management and Installations

Ocean Dynamics Canada Ltd. can contract to manage the installation and/or mooring of floating and fixed structures, hydro and communications cable installations. Working relationships with tugs, barges cranes etc. for any area around Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.


  • Aquaculture
  • Forestry
  • Fisheries
  • Government - Municipal, Provincial, Federal
  • Mining
  • Science
  • Energy - Hydro, Dams
  • Search and Recovery
  • Insurance