Research and Survey Vessels

MV "Crown Royal" 34' Research and Survey Vessel.
Trailerable to any location.
MV "Kokanee" 22' Research and Survey Vessel.
Trailerable to any location.

Underwater video, search and recovery ROV

  • ROV Control Center
  • SEA Eye Falcon
  • With Track Pt II
  • Special Sonar Search
  • 5 Light Setup
  • Underwater hook up
  • SEA Eye Falcon Port Bow
  • SEA Eye Falcon Probe

Seaeye Falcon Features:

  • 300 metre depth rating, 16 kilo payload
  • Deployed and recovered by hand or with a winch
  • Magnetically coupled brushless thrusters
  • 50 kgf thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° Tilt Platform
  • 10:1 Zoom Camera
  • Variable intensity LED of lighting
  • Scaling Lasers
  • Auto heading, depth, compass and rate gyro
  • Low drag umbilical
  • Single phase A/C power 100-270 VAC at 2.5 kw
  • Single function gripstick manipulator
  • Imagenex 881A Sector Scanning Sonar - 100m radius.

Sediment Lab

Sediment Lab - Kokanee
VanVeen Sediment Sampler
Sediment Lab - Crown Royal


Trimble dGPS Ranger
Trimble dGPS Pathfinder

Anchoring and Bathymetry

Anchor Lines
Anchor Block Drop
Crane - MV Essington

Crane - MV Essington
Rock Drilling
Bathymetry Data